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Shipped fast and arrived early. Only took a few weeks for me to get and I'm in the US. The design is clear and very adorable. The grip is soft and comfortable to hold. I love that this is designed like a pen. The knife part is decently sharp. It does require some pressure to get a good cut. Probably not the best at precision, but it's great to cut out shapes and such without having to bend the paper first like you would if you only had scissors to use. Overall, very happy with this knife pen!

S**o / USA

It looks exactly like the photo and it works very well! Definitely recommend :)

T***y / USA

Exactly what I was looking for and everything works as it should. I am very satisfied with these and will definitely be ordering more.


cheap, useful, good quality

B***n / USA

May your Shopping Day be filled with fun, laughter, and amazing purchases. Have a happy one!

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